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It all dates back to 1990. At the age of 3 I start to pick up words I hear from the television. Sampdoria, because they won Eurocup II, and Johan Museeuw, because he wins two stages in the Tour de France. It are some of them I keep on shouting as 3-years old kid around the house. Who could ever know years and years later that little word 'Museeuw' would turn into my biggest passion: cycling.


The first years I became, according to myself, the number one fan of Museeuw. Soon I discover around the nillies the joy of writting letters to the teams to obtain gadgets and postcards. The collecting has begun, yet it's waiting till 2002 until the 'real madness' begins. Over the years I saw races like Tour de France and Tour of Flanders, but in 2002 everything becomes much more interesting when they decide to organise the Tour of Belgium again. A stage towards Knokke leads the peloton through my hometown Bruges. Unfortunately as 14-years old I had to attend school, but on my way home I found a broken Ag2r-bottle. I realise it's been thrown away by a rider and since then, the search to every team its bottle (and later on feed bags, caps and jerseys) has begun.


My collection may not be the biggest, neither be the most complete. Yet it's been quality time to spend those days with my passion. I should then also thank the teams, their riders, the soigneurs, team-leaders, mechanics,... anyone who helped me on a bottle, cap, shirt, whatever. I should thank other collectors with who I can exchange and share stories. Most of all I must also thank my friends for being patient with me when they see me turn again into that 14 year old kid when I can collect a bottle during the race.


Anyone who has an object to help me growing my collection or looking for an exchange: contact me at tom.decock@yahoo.de

Newest additions:


(08/04/16):  - Shirt Worldcup 1995 (Johan Museeuw)

                     - Shirt BKCP-Correndon 2015 (Mathieu Van Der Poel)

                     - Shirt GQ Tour of Belgium 2007 (Vladimir Gussev)

                     - Shirt Sunweb - Revor 2012

                     - Shirt Sunweb - Napoleon Games 2013

                     - Shirt Sunweb - Napoleon Games 2014

                     - Cap An Post - Chainreactions 2015

                     - Cap Join-S - De Rijke 2015

                     - Cap Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise 2016 (Amaury Capiot)

                     - Cap Fortuneo Vital Concept 2016 (Maxim Cam)

                     - Cap Wanty - Groupe Gobert 2016 (Frederic Backaert)

                     - Cap Team Roompot Oranje Peleton 2015

                     - Updated 'Other'

                     - Add link Fly Cycling Team

                     - Musette Wanty - Groupe Gobert 2016

                     - Musette Roth - Skoda  2016

                     - Musette Tinkoff 2016

                     - Musette CCC - Sprandi 2016

                     - Musette Verandclassic - AGO 2016

                     - Musette Veranda's Willems 2016

                     - Bidons 2016



(02/02/16): - Bidon Ukraine 2004



(26/01/16):  - Bidon Castorama-Raleigh 1990

                        - Bidon Team Telekom 1991

                        - Bidon Polti 1996

                        - Bidon US Postal 1999

                        - Bidon Team Telekom 2000

                        - Bidon Vini Caldirola - Sidermec 2000

                        - Bidon Tour De France 2001

                        - Bidon WK Valkenburg 2012

                        - Bidon nationale selectie Oostenrijk 2015



(16/01/16):  - Musette AKUD 2005

                        - Bidon Sky 2008










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